Design a Parent Conference Plan

As teachers, it is necessary for us to work for teacher-parent conferences. Its reason is that a teacher-parent plan provides a chance for the teachers to share the academic progress of their students with their parents. They can also share some ways to improve the academic progress of the students. Teachers can also explain the current academic goals and ask the parents to cooperate with them to achieve these academic goals. Due to lack of planning, some teachers are not able to avail the required outcomes of the parent-teacher conferences. Some essential tips to design a parent conference plan are given below by dissertation writing services providers;
Parent Conference Plan

  • Plan a flexible conference schedule

Due to their professional careers, parents have to perform their own duties. That’s why they can also face some problems to attend a meeting. Therefore, teachers should try to hold a teacher-parent conference either early in the morning, during the break time or in the evening. There is also a possibility that some students are not able to attend a parent-teacher meeting at the school. Teachers can connect with these parents via Skype or FaceTime.

  • Prepare yourself

Either you are the teacher of third-grade or you are the teacher of tenth grade, it is necessary for you to prepare yourself for the teacher-parent conference. The best way to prepare yourself for this conference is to keep current and accurate records of the students. You can easily prepare yourself for the current and accurate records of the students by taking an overview of their tests, work samples, and anecdotal notes.

  • Beware of your body language

Your body language lasts the first impression on the minds of the visitors. Therefore, your body language should be impressive. Some essential aspects of your body language like crossed arms, intense glares, and fidgety movements can last a bad impression on the minds of the parents. Therefore, you should try to connect with visitors with a smiling face and a sincere tone. This kind of positivity in your behaviour can become a cause of availing the best results of the meeting.

  • Sit side by side

For the success of a student, teachers and parents are two important parameters. Therefore, they should work together. That’s why it is also necessary for the teachers to sit side by side with the parents. They should try to arrange the furniture in a friendly and non-threatening manner and try to express their desires and expert advice to the parents in a friendly environment.

  • Share real stories

It is a fact that there are at least forty students in a class and it is almost impossible for the teachers to keep in mind the progress report of all the students. Therefore, before the conference, the teachers should try to gather pertinent information about the students in the form of notes. The best way to gather enough information about the progress of the students is to prepare the anecdotes during class times.

  • Create clear goals

The dull, as well as brilliant students, have some abilities to improve their grades. As a teacher, you should try to devise a clear roadmap for the students to achieve their academic goals in the form of an action plan. They should also try to clearly explain this action plan with their parents and request them they should try their best to get the required goals of this action plan.

  • Avoid education jargon

As a teacher, you will have to come across with summative assessment and STEAM. There is a possibility that the parents of the students are not well aware of these terms. Therefore, you should try to use such terms that are familiar to them. If you use these education jargons, there is a possibility that they will not be able to pick your point of view.

  • Give parents responsibility

Lots of parents think that to teach their children is the responsibility of their teachers. Therefore, they don’t pay attention regarding the education of their children. In the parent-teacher conference, you should realize the parents that along with teachers, they are also responsible for the educational progress of their children.


Parent-teacher conferences are necessary for the teachers to exchange the educational progress of the students with their children. Some essential tips to design parent-teacher conference are to plan a flexible conference schedule, to prepare yourself for this meeting, to beware of your body language, to sit side by side with the parents, to share the real stories of their children and to assign some responsibilities to the parents.