Terms of Use

Social Bookmarkings UK provides service to small, medium and large businesses as well as bloggers and individuals to share their services or pages with the members as well as visitors of this website. While registering or accessing this website, you agree that you have read terms of use of this website and you are agreed to all of the terms of service. If you do not agree with any of the point of our terms of use or entire terms, do not use this website.



You hereby acknowledge and agree that the service of this website will be used only for good propose and you will comply all of the policies as well as restrictions for the published messages and other activities in forth of policies of this website. Violation of any policy, your account will be restricted and even you could be banned from website.


Registration to Use This Website:

Before using this website, you need to get registered at this website. For this propose, you need to put your correct information and a valid email address with strong password. You must be over age of 18 to use this website. All accounts at this website are prior to admin approval that check and verify the information. In case, if any member of this website does not qualify, account is banned or deleted.


Content Policies:

Publishing of only informative content, Technology, News, Education, World and Politics related content is allowed. You are not allowed to put any URL in the content, spam/banned words or keywords in the content or URL.


Prohibited Content:

We strongly prohibit the use of this website or service to public any information or message for the following activities;

  • Advertising different items or services whether directly or indirectly by adding links in the submitted content or using different prohibited tags in the content, using content to engage any member of this website in commercial activities, using different html or any other tags to change the formatting of content or add links/keywords
  • Using spam emails or using spam email addresses using any fake and limited time service for registration propose, contacting any other member of this website and sending spam emails
  • Introducing viruses, worms, harmful code or any kind of such software on this website
  • Introducing any kind of drugs, prohibited items, sexual tablets and items or any other thing that is banned by Governments
  • Introducing sexual or harmful services, displaying pornographic content or images, sharing content that may lead to any of the pornographic website, escort services or any other service that may be security threat to any of community or country
  • Sharing affiliated links in the content, off topic content, using multi-level marketing schemes, sharing content of any website without permission from owner, re-writing the existing stories or content for marketing propose
  • Sharing and displaying of any link or content that is prohibited for under 18 age.
  • Sharing copies of paid programs, pirated software or code of anything else
  • Disclosing personal information of any other person in the world, sharing content related to any scandal or sharing information about any person without prior approval
  • Introducing racism, hate speech or spreading any content that may be used to racism either normally or religiously, using hate speech against any religion or racism
  • Either threating any person directly or indirectly, sharing such content that may be a threat to any person, advocating or promoting any content that may be used to spread violence against any person, community, nation or government
  • Violating any law of any country or intellectual property laws.

While accessing RSS feed or XML sitemaps, you agree that you will never use any kind of robot, spider or any bot without our permission. All accounts that will be used for any of such activity will be permanently banned from website.


Encouraging Users for Click or View:

No one is allowed to encourage users of this website to click or view any part of stories or ads shown at this website. Such users with encouraging behavior to click, will be banned permanently from this website.


Story Recommendations:

You agree that you will not use the service of this website with the intention of artificially inflating, increasing the vote of any story or decreasing the vote of any story. You will not post negative comments until you are sure about that. For such cases, you must need to report such story to admin of website or you may contact us directly about such story. Further, you will use your membership only for sharing information to other people. Selling your membership or transferring your account to any other person is strongly prohibited.


Abusive Content Reporting:

If you find any kind of abusive content on this website, report it to admin so that necessary action may be taken to take down such content. For this, you need to click on “Report Story” button.


Username and Password:

You are responsible to keep your email and password secure and protected. We will accept all of the instructions that will be given to us by using your email. This can’t be verified from our end if your email address is being used by yourself or any other person that is related to you or your company or even is being used by hacker. We are not responsible if your email address or password is hacked or being used by someone else. This is why, we strongly recommend to use password other than your email address and use a strong password that should be change periodically.



This website may contain hyperlinks that may lead you to other websites. Such links are provided for your information. We are not responsible for any activity or behavior that is done to you while viewing any of such links. You must be aware while viewing such links.


Notices and Take Down Procedures for Copyright:

We respect the copyright of others as well as yours. We always make sure to make our website in accordance to DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). In case if you think that any part of link or content is property of yours or violating DCMA, you can report such content directly through reporting story or contacting with us through contact form. Our designated agent will check such content will take down by following procedures of DCMA.

This policy is updated on September 07, 2019.